Decades of history

A part of Macau’s past

A role in Macau’s future


Decades of history

Established in 1983, PAL AsiaConsult Ltd. started its business in Macau with a small but highly motivated team of engineers. Since then, PAL has grown at a fast pace, being currently home to more than 150 co-workers from several different nationalities. This steady corporate development led PAL to be recognized as a Leader in Engineering Consulting services in Macau.

Over the years, the Company has established its core business in two main areas, namely the Design of both Civil Engineering and E&M projects, and the Supervision of construction works.

With a wide range of areas of activity, PAL business always had a high focus on working with Government Institutional Facilities, contributing to the sustainable development of Macau. Projects such as Government Institutional Buildings, Hospitals, Ferry Terminal Buildings, Infrastructures, and Transportation Infrastructures, to name but a few can be found in the PAL portfolio.

A part of Macau’s past

Ever since PAL AsiaConsult Ltd.’s establishment in Macau, the Company has not only been an active observer of Macau’s development, it also played an important active role in Macau’s evolution over the years.

PAL has the honor of having its fingerprints on many of Macau’s reference projects. Important facilities such as the Macau International Airport, the Macau Ferry Terminal, the Macau Dome, the Lotus Bridge, Ferreira do Amaral roundabout, or the Nam Van area represent vital elements of the City designed by PAL.

Most recently, more strategic projects of Macau have PAL’s stamp, namely the LRT viaducts, the LRT Stations 21, 22 & 23, the New Taipa Ferry Terminal, the A1 Bridge, and zone “C” Land Reclamation.

PAL also participated in Macau’s international exposure at Shanghai EXPO 2010, being the Designer both for Macau and Portugual pavilions.


A role in Macau’s future

As an active player in Macau’s past, PAL AsiaConsult Ltd. also has the goal of being an active player in Macau’s future. The reason why PAL’s motto is “Building Macau’s Tomorrow”. A tomorrow that is already being prepared by the design of recent projects like the Qingmao border, the new DSAT Driving School, the Inner Harbour and Canidrome Reservoirs, the B10 building in zone A and the Sun Yat Sen tunnel, to name but a few.

At PAL, our guiding philosophy is to constantly reinvent ourselves to face the challenges of a dynamic business environment and ensure sustainable development. PAL’s quality management system (meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015) and the introduction of BIM modeling in our projects are already a reality and our way to the future for high-quality and state of the art projects.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to maintaining impeccable standards of excellence and efficiency has led PAL AsiaConsult Ltd. to become a reputable Engineering Consulting Company in Macau. Our operating philosophy is based on openness in communication, integrity in serving our Customers, fairness, concern for our employees, and responsibility to the communities within which we operate. Our goal is to exceed Customer’s requirements and expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery, and value and we are committed to:

High-Quality Standards

Fulfilling the agreed customer’s requirements to the highest professional standards

Projects Submitted on Time

Delivering our services on time and in a responsible manner by implementing good management practices

Safety Always First

Managing risks and opportunities identified, including our health & safety risks for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for our co-workers, Partners, Clients, and other people who may be affected by our work

Integrity and Responsability

Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements, and whenever practicable, to achieve standards beyond those that are legally required

Work with the Best Resources

Providing adequate resources and training to all staff & people collaborating with us, to continually improve our quality, health, and safety performance and effectiveness

Continuous Improvement

Achieving continual improvement through regular review of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, as well as our objectives and targets

A Multi-Cultural Team of Professionals

At PAL AsiaConsult Ltd. our Co-Workers represent our most valuable asset. Our team is filled with talent and Know-how that can assure our Clients the Best Engineering Consultancy services.

With a very team spirit-driven concept, PAL is proud of its team and what it has achieved in decades.

Top management, hardworking experienced professionals, and young talents are the core of this Company.


Civil Engineering Design Team


Construction Supervision Team


E&M Engineering Design Team


Project Management, Architecture & Quality Team


Quantity Surveying Team


Top Management & Administrative Staff

Reference Projects

Macau International Airport

Taipa Ferry Terminal

LRT Station 21

LRT Station 22

LRT Station 23

LRT Viaducts

A1 Bridge

Lotus Bridge

Zone "C" Land Reclamation

BNU Headquarters

Macau Dome

Shanghai Expo 2000 Portuguese Pavilion

Decades of history | A part of Macau’s past | A role in Macau’s future

Decades of history | A part of Macau’s past | A role in Macau’s future

Building Macau’s Tomorrow, since 1983